TSOL - A-Side Graffiti

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Format: Vinyl

SKU KR20233LP-1

LP on Blue, White, Red blended vinyl

True Sounds of Liberty date back to 1978 and the birth of punk rock/hardcore in Los Angeles. Playing with the fury of their hardcore contemporaries but with a goth/death rock image and poppier melodies, T.S.O.L. quickly set themselves apart from the pack and made it a mission to continually explore new sounds and styles. On this, their 12th long-player, the band has combined a handful of recent singles alongside all-new recordings helmed by Paul Roessler at Kitten Robot Studio. Fronted by singer Jack Grisham alongside guitarist Ron Emory and bassist Mike Roche (all from the band’s first line-up), they are joined by longtime keyboardist Greg Kuehn and Antonio Hernandez on drums. New punk anthems such as “Low-Low-Low,” “Never Go Home” and “The Way You Groove” are paired with covers of “The Rhythm of Cruelty” (Magazine), “1 Thing” (Amerie), “Sweet Transvestite” (yes, that one, featuring Circle Jerk Keith Morris as Brad) and a reasonably straight-forward reading of “What a Wonderful World.” Punk Rock means giving the high sign to the rules, and this is most definitely punk rock.

For fans of: Adolescents, Fear, Idles, Agent Orange, Christian Death, Rocky Horror, Magazine. 

Genre: Punk Rock