The Wedding Present - Live 1993

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Live 1993 takes the 12th of The Wedding Present's infamous Live Tape series (cassettes that the band sold at concerts and through their fanzine in the '80s and '90s) and pairs it with a previously unreleased live recording. The Wedding Present's Live Tape series was unavailable elsewhere, so the cassettes have since become rare collectors' items. This is the seventh in the Scopitones label's series of beautifully mastered double-CD re-releases, all of which have been graciously received by the band's loyal fans. Live 1993 includes mixing-desk recordings of Wedding Present concerts in Tokyo on March 17, 1993, and at the legendary and long-gone Old Trout in Windsor, England, on October 28, 1993, and contains 32 tracks in total. The 1993 Japanese tour was the band's first-ever trip to Japan. This set precedes The Wedding Present's 2016 studio album Going, Going