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Ltd Red & Black Swirl Vinyl

Superlynx exceed genres with their distinct sound and melts psychedelic rock, heavy doom, meditative atmospheres and droning riffs together.

In 2024, Norwegian band Superlynx celebrate their 10th anniversary with new music, a new additional live member and a return to the stage.

The new album is written and played by the original trio of Pia (who released her first solo album last year, ‘Distorted Chants’), Ole and Daniel as usual, but since the recording of 4 10 the band have expanded by including additional guitarist Espen Kroll. He will join the band on stage from now on for an even fuller live sound.

The name Superlynx is inspired by the big, beautiful, shy and rare yet hunted cat living in northern areas, the lynx. The band wanted to have a link to nature and the animal realm in their name, and it represents both a natural force, and the massive, heavy and rough but also fragile in their music. The lynx also has its name from the Latin word ‘lux’ - meaning light - because of its superluminous eyes, and light is a constant focus for Superlynx even in their darker music.

For fans of Windhand, Chelsea Wolfe, Boris, Cough, Sleep, Uncle Acid And The Deadbeats, Zola Jesus, Sunn O))), Anna Von Hausswolff, Emma Ruth Rundle, Pia Isa.

Genre: Doom Metal / Heavy Psyche