Shrapnel - In Gravity

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Format: Vinyl

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Ltd Silver Vinyl 

‘In Gravity’ is the sound of a rebirth. Born from a period of pain, tragedy, isolation, yet hope about the future, ‘In Gravity’ emerges as an uplifting and crushingly precise statement about where Shrapnel are in 2023. A cathartic exercising of daemons, this is not an album that dwells on the past or leans on well-worn tropes but looks excitedly forward.

Drawing on Shrapnel’s ever-deepening well of experience and influence, ‘In Gravity’ marks a band at the height of their songwriting prowess. Whether dealing in extremity and complexity, Gojira-inspired bludgeoning heaviness, or a newly emerging sense of modern melodic maturity, Shrapnel are able to weave their sonic palette in new, genre-defying directions.

Genre: Metal / Metalcore