Scarlet - Circle Of Bones

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Scarlet is a Grunge band from Eastern Finland founded in 1999. The band returned from over 10 year hiatus in 2015. First few years band just keep on playing since long brake had rusted their skills. Soon the groove was found and the band noticed that they were making an album. Songs just keep coming. Long hiatus had made their sound even stronger...

The debut album “Circle of Bones” pops out in 11/11/2022. It’s a package full of rough energy for the Grunge era music fans. Authentic music with strong vocals and real feelings.

The album was recorded, mixed & mastered in ten days @ Astia Studio by Anssi Kippo (Children of Bodom, Ensiferum, Impaled Nazarene etc) as analog recording. Everything you hear is real man made sounds. No computers were harmed in the making.

Genre: Grunge / Alt Rock 

1. Big Fat Downplay
3. Melt
4. Rusted Sound
5. 6ft
6. Circle of Bones
7. Will
8. Frame
9. My Cradle
10. Inside