Monkey3 - Welcome To The Machine

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Format: Vinyl


Instrumental psych rock frontrunners, MONKEY3, herald 2024 with a true album highlight of the new year. Mankind vs machines, spaceships launch into the deep space. Welcome To The Machine is inspired by movies such as 2001: A Space Oddity, Matrix, Sunshine, Solaris or 1984, and right from its first tones immediately marks the soundtrack of a journey to the unknown. Once again, MONKEY3 will drench album listeners and audiences, into their unique, cosmic smoke. Welcome To The Machine not only marks the seventh studio album in their impressive band history, capturing the Zeitgeist with their most epic, darkest and enthralling record to date, but also clearly proves why MONKEY3 belong to one of the most exciting instrumental rocks bands of the modern stoner and psychedelic rock scene!

Genre: Heavy Psyche / Prog Rock / Space Rock / Instrumental


1. Ignition
2. Collision
3. Kali Yuga
4. Rackman
5. Collapse