Kulk - It Gets Worse

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Ltd Pink and Black Swirl Vinyl

Human Worth are proud to present the immense new album It Gets Worse from Norwich based two-piece Kulk, with a portion of proceeds donated to charity. Kulk’s latest album It Gets Worse comes two and a half years after the release of  their thunderous and experimental sophomore album ‘We Spare Nothing’ which saw  them further define their unique and monolithic brand of heavy doom and sludge  and sees the band mature massively in sound as well as cementing their place as  the future of UK heavy music. Jade Ashleigh (drums) and Thom Longdin (vocals and  guitar) have defined their sound massively across this release, focusing on louder and  more aggressive cuts throughout this 8 track album.

The first half of It Gets Worse gleefully drags us backwards through the sonic  doom scape of the Kulk that we’re familiar with through wizzing saw noises, primal  gurgles and chugging riffs. ‘Mammoth’ hits a new stride for the band and sticks to  its name well, elevating their sound into something unstoppable and stomping with  much faster and aggressive passages than previous tracks. The lead single ‘Beyond  Gone’ turns a bleak and intoxicating stumble into a seriously cutting track and a  good summary of the depth and heaviness across the rest of the release. ‘Life Will  Wait’ features Adam Sykes of Pigsx7 who approached the band about lending some  guest guitar to the album which was captured in an exciting on the road recording  shredding session and summated in the moments of respite and versatility in  songwriting.Their infamous live shows and voracious touring schedule have garnered  a tight cult of fans including genre traditionalists and complete outsiders alike due to  their captivating displays of aggression and prowess in artistic performance. If you  haven’t heard of Kulk yet then it’s definitely time to start listening.

Genre: Post Metal / Doom Metal