Korpilaani - Rankarumpu

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Format: Vinyl

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Gold and Black Splatter Vinyl

Rankarumpu will not disappoint you or anyone else: Korpiklaani's twelfth studio album is once again full of tasty folk metal and its different flavours, but it also offers new spices. Perhaps the ancient gods of joyful music have decided to bless their own sons with some new miraculous extracts? "Whenever I start writing something new, the material always finds its own path without any forcing - that stuff just comes from somewhere deep inside me, completely naturally", commences Jonne Järvelä. It is clear that Korpiklaani's new lyrics once again have many distinctive Finnish themes, and many of the stories are related to northern landscapes, old myths and so on - and of course, getting drunk and going to the sauna. What makes the difference to the previous records is that Korpiklaani head honcho's lyrics definitely have their own recognizable twist.

"There are a few reasons for this. It's been a while since I moved from the city to the countryside. I live in the middle of forests, there are many beautiful lakes and so on - and many of Korpiklaani's new lyrics are directly inspired by these wonderful landscapes. Already in the opening song "Kotomaa" I sing about "blue skies and snowy white lands". It doesn't get more Finnish than that!", Järvelä smiles.

One of the most wonderful features of Rankarumpu is related to the folk instruments. Although Korpiklaani has done one or maybe even a couple of unforgettable things in the realm of folk metal, this time Olli Vänskä's violin and Sami Perttula's accordion may surprise even die-hard fans."Overall, Rankarumpu is our most carefully prepared album. Related to this, I would dare to say that folk instruments have never been such an essential part of our sound", insists Järvelä.

Genre: Finnish Folk / Folk Metal