Kollapse - Ar

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With song titles alluding to the life cycle of an insect, Ar (‘Scars’, for non-Scandinavians) deals with the human psyche in its most base forms. The album is meant to be a bruising and challenging encounter with the ugly, shameful and disappointing parts of the human experience. It confronts the listener head-on with all the noise, desperate and threatening screams and brutality this Danish three-piece can muster.

Mixing raw and sludgy post-metal and intense noise rock with dissonant chords and aggressive rhythms and vocals, mining in Amphetamine Reptile Records’ signature sound territory but maintaining a distinctly Scandinavian identity, Ar will scratch a certain aching itch whilst giving comfort to the lost and lonely.

For fans of Sumac, Helmet, Fugazi, Ken Mode, Swans, Black Sheep Wall, Melvins, Sonic Youth, Rwake, Neurosis, The Mars Volta, Cult Of Luna, Rollins Band, Snapcase, Unsane.

Genre: Post Metal / Doom Metal