King Potenaz - Goat Rider

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Right from the title and the cover, the message that Italian band King Potenaz are launching to their audience appears clear and direct. Their sound is permeated by psychedelic traditions of the Sixties and Seventies - modern doom with a strong stoner and a massive occult influence.

 Goat Rider is abrasive and nasty, though melodic and catching, and a raw energy flows from the band’s music in a way that entangle the hearers easily, thanks to the use of psychedelic sounds with an eerie 70s attitude and the 90s based stoner metal approach. The band add post rock and doom elements which translate into spaced out vibes.

For fans of: Monolord, Church Of Misery, Orange Goblin, Electric Wizard, Acid King, Goatsnake, Sleep.

Genre: Stoner Rock / Heavy Psyche / Doom Metal


1. Among the Ruins
2. Pyramids Planet
3. Goat Rider
4. Pazuzu (3:33)
5. Cosmic Voyagers
6. Moriendoom (La Ballata Di Ippolita Oderisi)
7. Monolithic
8. Dancing Plague