Iiro Rantala HEL Trio - Tough Stuff

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Format: Vinyl


 The Iiro Rantala HEL Trio are capable of incredible contrasts, and therein lies the appeal. As a pianist, Rantala can take the breath away both with his lightness of touch and the grace of his melodic lines. At the same time, Anton Eger, with his irresistibly delicate playing fuelled by a wide variety of styles, and Conor Chaplin, with his weighty yet agile grooves on the bass, brings astonishing clarity and sense of form to the music. The HEL Trio should not be mistaken for a nostalgic back-to-the-roots project: “For me, music should always be going forwards,” says Rantala. Iiro Rantala’s restless, almost hyperactive approach, his urge to try things out and surprise his audience time and again, and his ability to play a wide variety of genres and styles authentically while always sounding like himself, make him an exceptional figure among European pianists. Iiro Rantala’s musical journey has been full of twists and turns. Iiro Rantala HEL Trio's album, ‘Tough Stuff’, is another milestone on that journey. And an important one.

Genre: Jazz / Improv