Haunt The Woods - Ubiquity

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Format: Vinyl


Ltd 2 x Red/Orange Vinyl

In the deepest reaches of the English countryside, there is a sublime sound emanating from the landscape, and its name is Haunt The Woods. Timely and yet oddly timeless, this surprisingly youthful quartet span musical decades and worlds.

Recently signed with Spinefarm, it won’t be long before you hear plenty more from these musical mavericks, and with good reason. Formed in the hinterlands between Plymouth, Devon and Cornwall, Haunt The Woods deftly interweave alt-rock, folk, prog and pop with an epic level of pomp and poetic elegance that suggests a far longer tenure than their young years suggest.

There are tips of the hat to Queen and Muse, Jeff Buckley and Radiohead, and a sprinkled-in tinge of Beatles-loving pop sensibility and Manchester Orchestra-esque poignancy: Haunt The Woods have that rare ability to conjure legacy while creating a bold sound that is newly their own.

With two warmly received EPs and a debut album, Opaque (2020), which was released in 2020, the stage has been set for their overdue introduction to the world, which began with their stunning new single, ‘Fever Dream’.

Cinematic in scope, operatic in texture, new album Ubiquity is a fitting illustration of the band’s prowess and talent.

For fans of Radiohead, Muse, Jeff Buckley, Manchester Orchestra, Fleet Foxes.

Genre: Psychedelic / Alt Indie / Indie Rock


1. Fever Dream
2. Gold
3. Save Me
4. Equilibrium
5. Home
6. The Line, Pt. II
7. Now Is Our Time
8. Ubiquity
9. Overflow
10. Sleepwalking
11. Numb
12. Said and Done