Green River - Come On Down

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One of the first Grunge Records ever released. Sourced from the original 1985 Master Tapes. Includes Unreleased Bonus Track. Mark Arm & Steve Turner of Mudhoney, Jeff Ament & Stone Gossard of Pearl Jam. Features Studio Master Tape Box image w/ lyrics.

Released in 1985, Green River's Come On Down was a record existing in its sonic universe out of step with its own time. Was it glam? Was it punk? Was it metal? Was it cool? We now know it was one of the building blocks of what Mark Arm would coin as "grunge" but in 1985 this record was a silent groundbreaker. It was not only the raw, sludgy, slower guitar sound that makes this band important in its place in rock history, but the members of Green River would go on to lead some of the biggest names in the genre: Mudhoney and Mother Love Bone, the latter of which also contained the roots of Pearl Jam.

The record includes the iconic original cover artwork, now pressed on black vinyl, and includes a printed inner sleeve with lyrics and photo of the original master tape box, plus an unreleased rare bonus track!