Dusk - Wheels Of Twilight

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Format: Vinyl


Ltd White Vinyl

Dusk are an occult heavy rock band from Vienna, Austria with mesmerizing female vocals. Their debut-album, Wheels Of Twilight, sets its eyes on niches where twilight is nesting and veiling what we comprehend as good or evil. Dusk’s first full length is a path through the depths and pits of human existence, a ride on the horses of the utter end to break the four seals of deliverance. A mix of psychedelic rock and doom metal. For fans of Mount Salem, Dool, Witchcraft, Blue Oyster Cult, Electric Citizen, Windhand, Jefferson Airplane, The Devil’s Blood, Lucifer, Coven, Ruby The Hatchet.

Genre: Doom Metal / Heavy Psyche / Occult Rock