Colour Haze - We Are

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Format: Vinyl


With more than 400 shows under their belt during their 26-year career, Munich-based behemoths COLOUR HAZE have released an impressive number of albums, EPs and live albums, which have never found a home for a US release until now. Over the course of their long and expansive development, the trio expanded stoner rock's stylistic boundaries to the extent that reviewers had to invent a new genre for their unique musical expression: "heavy-psych.”

Now, in partnership with Ripple Music, COLOUR HAZE embarks on a full reissue of their catalog for the North American market, the first being their latest album 'We Are,' and continuing chronologically backwards to their very first outing 'Chopping Machine' (1995).

Genre: Heavy Psyche / Krautrock / Stoner Rock


1. We Are (3:23)
2. The Real (8:37)
3. Life (8:43)
4. Material Drive (4:29)
5. I'm with You (7:47)
6. Be with Me (5:38)
7. Freude III (7:03)