Brandt Brauer Frick - Multi Faith Prayer Room

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Format: Vinyl

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German neo-classical techno trio Brandt Brauer Frick is back with Multi Faith Prayer Room their fifth album and probably their most ambitious to date. Recorded over the past two years, it includes collaborations with Mykki Blanco, Azekel, Marina Herlop, Kom_I, Sophie Hunger and Duane Harden. Their new album is a great example of their modern and hybrid approach to electronic music. The band still combines acoustic drumming and drums machines, syncopated layered bass and hectic Steve Reich-inspired piano to create simultaneously analogue and synthetic techno tracks.

Genre: Electronica / Techno / Dance


1. R E A D Y T O C O N N E C T
2. Mad Rush
3. Act One
4. In Your Head Now
5. Soba
6. F U T U R E
7. Dotted Line
8. This Feeling
9. R I T U A L S
10. Closer To You
11. Perpetuate
12. F A I T H