Black Bananas - Electric Brick Wall

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“Electric Brick Wall,” the sophomore set of the alt-rock demigoddess’ latest outfit, draws from the same “Some Girls”-inspired forge that twisted predecessors like “Acid Song” into a blistering fusion of metal, funk and ’70s classic rock, seen through a cloud of weed smoke. Futuristic and familiar at once, it resists classification: Electro-psych excursion “Eve’s Child” could pass for MGMT, while “Physical Emotions” bounces like Parliament over cosmic sine waves, dirty synth bass and Herrema’s Jagger-indebted vocal strut, mangled by robotic effects. Nearly half-spastic guitar solo “Highway Down” whiplashes over a down-and-dirty blues riff, and “Bullshit and Lies” closes the album with the slow, heavy crunch of a stoned garbage compactor.

Genre: Alt Rock / Heavy Psyche