Timbre Timbre - Lovage

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Six years after their last studio album, Taylor Kirk’s Canadian band Timber Timbre release a new record Lovage - their most accomplished and engrossing album to date. Since releasing and extensively touring Sincerely, Future Pollution (2017), Taylor Kirk has been busy working as a producer on several full-length LP’s, including Joseph Martone’s “Honeybirds” and the sophomore recording Nightshades by This Lonesome Paradise.

Timber Timbre have quietly released two cassette-only EP’s, “I Am Coming To Paris” and “The Dissociation Tapes Volume 1”. Finally returning with a new full-length entitled Lovage, the most accomplished and engrossing Timber Timbre album to date. 

Genre: Alt Rock / R&B Noir / Americana


1. Ask The Community                                                                                                            2. Mystery Street
3. Stops
4. Confessions of Dr. Woo
5. 800 Pristine Corpses
6. Sugar Land
7. Holy Motors
8. Lovage