The Obsessed - Gilded Sorrow

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Ltd Gold with Black Splatter Vinyl

Scott “Wino” Weinrich is a living legend. In a way he’s the American version of Lemmy and shares many traits with the late, much beloved metal icon. He’s always been a rebel, loner and an outsider in an outsider scene, pursuing his music without regard for popularity or acceptance. In the process he came to be considered one of the early pioneers of American doom. All of this began when he founded The Obsessed back in the 70s. As a key part of the 80s Washington/Maryland music scene, his music earned the respect of metal, punk and crossover fans alike while often being dubbed “doom metal.” Looking back though, it was really just gritty, street-wise American metal with a cynical bent and psychedelic flair.
Now The Obsessed comes roaring back with their most rocking album of all time. Expanded to a 4-piece with the addition of Jason Taylor on guitar, the music is more aggressive, straight ahead and downright mean than ever before.

Genre: Doom Metal / Stoner Metal / Hard Rock 

1. Daughter of an Echo

2. It's Not OK

3. Realize a Dream

4. Gilded Sorrow

5. Stoned Back to the Bomb Age

6. Wellspring - Dark Sunshine

7. Jailine

8. Yen Sleep

9. Lucky Free Nice Machine