Swans - Feel Good Now

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Ltd 2 x Black Vinyl + Poster

Swans’ second live album Feel Good Now is available on vinyl for the first time since its original limited edition release in 1988, via Mute / Young God Records.

Feel Good Now is a collection of live recordings from their 1987 European tour, recorded by the band's sound engineer on a Sony Professional Walkman, with many of the tracks being from their album Children of God, which was released the same year.

This follows the re-release of their first live album Public Castration Is a Good Idea and their brand new album The Beggar, released in June 2023. Led by Michael Gira, Swans formed in 1982 and have produced a series of diverse albums both before their disbandment in 1997 and after their reformation in 2010. During this time Swans have made their mark as masters of their craft and are an influential band for countless experimental and post-rock acts.

Genre: Post Rock / Noise Rock / Avantgarde


  1. New Mind (Live)
  2. Blood and Honey (Live)
  3. Trust Me (Live)
  4. Sex God Sex (Live)
  5. Like A Drug (Sha La La La) (Live)
  6. Beautiful Child (Live)
  7. Blackmail (Live)
  8. Children of God (Live)
  9. Beautiful Child Reprise (Live)
  10. Blind Love (Live)
  11. Thank You, Goodbye (Live)
  12. Good Luck (Live)