Snapped Ankles - Forest of Your Problems

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The Protestor Edition Ltd 2500 Forest Floor Recycled Vinyl, and Postcard

There are not many bands with a sound as unique as Snapped Ankles, who manage to maintain a level of accessibility despite their unpredictable nature. While they may dodge any immediate comparisons, they are starting to risk sounding like themselves. Fortunately, their inherent sense of fun and surprising rhythmic turns have plenty of room to stretch out on album three, finding new space like an irreverent sitcom episode playing perpetually.

The two sides of the band's persona are equally explored here: their natural mysticism abuts modern capitalism with levity and wit but never loses sight of their danceable sensibilities. This is best-evidenced on "Shifting Basslines of the Cornucopians" with the declaration that "It's a great time to be alive, if you own your own hedge fund," coupled with the mercurial nature of the track itself that twists and squirms like the liquid assets it lampoons. A general restlessness pervades the entire album, a quality that earns them their post-punk affiliation -- alongside the social commentary -- even though they operate on the absolute fringe of punk. Perhaps Snapped Ankles can be surmised by their most straightforward track "Rhythm Is Our Business," which finds them at their most playful, yet the propulsive drums and self-aware lyrics lend it a weight that goes beyond the usual dance pop of their contemporaries. Forest of Your Problems is unlikely to win over anyone not already sold on their particularly odd formula, but there is something admirable about the continuation of their off-kilter approach, making this record a victory lap for their existing fan base and a promise that the rhythms won't stop anytime soon.

Genre: Indie Rock / Krautrock / Experimental / Post Punk


 1. Forest Of Your Problems                                                                                             

 2. The Evidence

 3. Shifting Basslines Of The Cornucopians

4. Undilated Lovers

5. Susurrations (In The Forest)

6. Rhythm is Our Business

7. Psithurhythm

8. The Prince Is Back

9. Xylophobia

10. Forest Of Your Problems (Outro)