Snapped Ankles - Blurtations

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This product is a Record Store Day title and not available to pre-order.

Available to buy in-store from 22/04/2023 (Record Store Day).
Remaining copies will be available to buy online from 8pm, 24/04/2023.

Yellow Vinyl Ltd to 1200

The follow-up to Snapped Ankles' 2018 RSD release, Violations (which included new recordings of songs by Can, The Fugs, Joey Beltram and Comateens), Blurtations sees the woodwose focus their eye on the work of a single artist. Ted Milton's post-punk Dada-jazz stalwarts Blurt blazed a trail for acts like Snapped Ankles, and Blurtations assembles covers of some of their finest works, including 'The Fish Needs A Bike'. Packaged in a full sleeve and pressed on yellow vinyl, Blurtations is available on vinyl exclusively for RSD 2023. The EP builds on the success of 2021’s Forest Of Your Problems album, which has seen Snapped Ankles grow their reputation as a formidable live force, with dates around the world.

1. Alouette
2. Machina Machina
3. Tube Plane
4. Some Come
5. The Fish Needs A Bike
6. Planet You