Royksopp - Profound Mysteries III

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2 x LP

Röyksopp unveil Profound Mysteries, an expanded creative universe and a prodigious conceptual project. On January 1st, 2022 Röyksopp launched the film (Nothing But) Ashes… and fans were encouraged to Press «R». Alongside the Kasper Häggström-directed short film BJA, a second piece of music, The Ladder, was released. A new artefact and visualiser, created by Australian contemporary artist Jonathan Zawada, brought the music to life. All elements are accessible through the Profound Mysteries portal. A premiere of The Downfall by Marc Reisbig followed, and another chapter was revealed with Impossible featuring Alison Goldfrapp—the first human voice to be heard on Profound Mysteries. A third artefact and visualiser designed by Jonathan Zawada expanded the collection. Expect more chapters from the Profound Mysteries Universe to be unveiled soon.

Profound Mysteries brings together some of the most talented music artists in the world including Alison Goldfrapp, Pixx, Susanne Sundfør, Astrid S, Karen Harding and the first Profound Mysteries remixers &ME, Henry Saiz, Rodriguez Jr., Township Rebellion.

Genre: Electronica / Ambient / Nordic Chill


1. ‘So Ambiguous’ feat. Jamie Irrepressible
2. ‘Me&Youphoria’
3. ‘Stay Awhile’ feat. Susanne Sundför
4. ‘The Night’ feat. Alison Goldfrapp
5. ‘Lights Out’ feat. Pixx
6. ‘Speed King’
7. ‘The Next Day’ feat. Jamie Irrepressible
8. ‘Just Wanted To Know’ feat. Astrid S
9. ‘Feel It’ feat. Maurissa Rose
10. ‘Like An Old Dog’ feat. Pixx