Nai Palm - Needlepaw

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Ltd edition Majin Bubblegum Pink 2 x Vinyl

Needle Paw is the first solo album by Nai Palm, the lead singer and composer of R&B neosoul outfit Hiatus Kaiyote. A two-time Grammy nominated singer, songwriter and musician from Melbourne, Australia, Nai Palm is a composer, instrumentalist, producer, vocalist and poet who approaches all of these self-taught disciplines with an intuitive, infectious grace.

Comprised almost entirely of her guitar playing and vocal arrangements, Needle Paw is Nai Palm’s self-imposed challenge to explore the potential for immortality and timelessness within her music by stripping away the produced layers to focus on the element that is closest to the source of the human soul: the voice. Needle Paw is the rawest glimpse into Nai Palm’s musical world. It is dreamlike, honest, and beautifully transparent, revealing her musical ruminations to listeners with a courageous vulnerability and artistic generosity. Nai sees this album as a reminder to musicians that they don’t have to rely on production to expose their gifts. Needle Paw features acoustic versions of Hiatus Kaiyote favorites “Atari,” “Mobius,” “When The Knife,” “Molasses,” and “Borderline With My Atoms”, as well as covers of songs by David Bowie (“Blackstar”), Radiohead (“Pyramid Song”) and Jimi Hendrix (“Have You Ever Been (To Electric Ladyland)”). There are six new tracks on the album written by Nai, including “Homebody”, which she refers to as her “purest offering…a sanctuary to lick your wounds…without acrobatics.” Also featured is the medley “Crossfire/So Into You” which dives into a topic that Nai rarely writes about…romantic relationships. The outro of the song is a cover of Tamia’s “So Into You.” At this point in her journey, she has nothing to prove to anyone, just something that provides for everyone.

Genre: Neosoul / Future R&B / Jazz


1.  Wititj (Lightning Snake) Pt 1                                                                                              2.  Atari                                                                                                                                  3.  Crossfire / So Into You                                                                                                4.  Haiku                                                                                                                              5.  Mobius                                                                                                              6.  Molasses                                                                                                                            7.  Have You Ever Been (To Electric Ladyland)                                                                    8.   Atoll                                                                                                                        9. When The Knife                                                                                                               10.  Blackstar / Pyramid Song / Breathing Underwater                                            11. Borderline With My Atoms                                                                                             12.  Homebody                                                                                                                    13.  Wititj (Lightning Snake) Pt 2