Meshuggah - Koloss

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Ltd Edition Green + Blue Marbled Vinyl

This is definitely a comfortable and confident release from the band. At this point, they are well aware of the impact they have made on the metal community and rather than push their sound in any new direction, they have elected to deliver an album which essentially celebrates the sound that they invented. All of the beloved qualities of the band are here in full force – the thunderous, shuddering 8-string guitar tones, the dizzyingly complex and mechanical drums, the oddly-cycling riffs that seem to lack beginnings or ends, and of course the supremely nuanced and unbelievably groovy rhythms. Koloss is definitely an ode to the trademark Meshuggah groove and is yet another convincing argument for their rhythmic prowess and virtuosity. But what’s always been most impressive to me about the band isn’t their virtuosity. Their music definitely does succeed on an intellectual level with the all of the polyrhythms and odd, off-time riff cycling. The true success of the band though is their ability to turn all of that complexity into something visceral that can be enjoyed regardless of your understanding of what’s going on under the hood.
This is the true success of Koloss. It manages to strike a balance between complexity and listenability that has previously eluded the band. They definitely haven't sacrificed who they are musically - all of the nuance and intricacy of their music is just as present here as it ever was. But it's executed with an increased focus on immediacy and album structure that has ultimately delivered the most approachable and accessible release in their catalogue. And for music as intricate as this, approachability is a feat greater than technicality.

Genre: Metal / Extreme Metal / Progressive Metal / Djent


1. I Am Colossus

2. The Demon's Name Is Surveillance

3. Do Not Look Down

4. Behind the Sun

5. The Hurt that Finds You First

6. Marrow

7. Break Those Bones Whose Sinews Gave It Motion

8. Swarm

9. Demiurge

10. The Last Vigil