Matthias Puech - Mt. Hadamard National Park

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Ltd Edition White Vinyl

French composer and sound designer Matthias Puech makes his debut on the Hallow Ground label with ‘Mt. Hadamard National Park’. On the twenty-three minute title track, split into five movements, he uses his background in computer science to create sounds that mirror natural chaos and the order that emerges from it, a latticework of electro-acoustic and electronic music.

There's no shortage of painterly field recording albums at the moment, but Puech at least approaches the landscape with a novel methodology. Inspired by chaos theory and the Hudson River school of painting, a 19th century American movement that used tempestuous conditions to enhance the grandiosity of the surroundings, Puech considered the idea of control over natural order. His sounds then take a similar route to paradise, flitting between dissonant abstraction and the sublime. 

Genre: Ambient / Field Recordings / Experimental


1. Mt. Hadamard National Park, Pt. 1
2. Mt. Hadamard National Park, Pt. 2
3. Mt. Hadamard National Park, Pt. 3
4. Mt. Hadamard National Park, Pt. 4
5. Mt. Hadamard National Park, Pt. 5
6. Suspension
7. Imperceptible Life