Har Mar Superstar - You Can Feel Me

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Black Vinyl Reissue

This is the first time ever Har Mar’s breakout 2nd album is available on vinyl. Just in time for the 20th anniversary of its original release. This is the album that contain electro pop classics such as Power Lunch (feat. Beth Ditto) and EZ Pass. The album features collaborations with members of The Faint and Busy Signals. This LP also contains two vinyl-only bonus tracks, “Brothers and Sisters” and “EZ Pass (Mint Royale Remix.).” The artwork was re-imagined by Project Dimmel, who designed the original cover and layout back in the day, and the jacket cover is embossed for an extra-cool tactile feel! It was remastered for vinyl by Jesse Mangum at The Glow. The inner sleeve contains new liner notes by Sean Tillmann and a bunch of fun pictures.

Genre: Soul / Funk


1. Intro
2. Power Lunch (feat. Beth Ditto)
3. Elephant Walk (feat. Clark Baechle and Tiny E)
4. We Could Be Heavy
5. You Can Feel Me 
6. H.A.R.M.A.R. (feat. Beth Ditto)
7. One Dirty Minute (feat. Dirty Preston)
8. No Chorus
9. Let’s Get This Party Kickin’
10. Freedom Summer
11. Love Jam No
12. EZ Pass
13. Brothers and Sisters
14. EZ Pass (Mint Royale Remix)