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Violet Vinyl 

Southern California’s Dayseeker have been steadily building a buzz for several years and they have reached a tipping point. Dayseeker built themselves into a scene standout with 2019’s Sleeptalk, which was hailed by Alternative Press as “a warm and welcome release to higher ground,” and as “much needed fresh air into the post-hardcore scene.”

Casting off the conventions of the post-hardcore genre, Dayseeker offered up their expansive fourth LP, Sleeptalk. Entering the studio with budding producer and close personal friend, Daniel Braunstein (Spiritbox, Silent Planet), the band embraced a uniquely Los Angeles sound- showcasing decades of influence all wrapped within the band’s core identity. From opening track to closing note, it’s clear that the band discarded what many had been expected and instead chose to embrace something most artists struggle to ever find: themselves.

The album has gone on to accumulate over 150 million streams, positioning the band as a formidable force - one that’s primed to take its next big leap. For fans of Holding Absence, Spiritbox, Bad Omens, Wage War, Northlane.

Genre: Post Metal / Alt Metal


1. Drunk
2. Crooked Soul
3. Burial Plot
4. Sleeptalk
5. The Embers Glow
6. The Color Black
7. Already Numb
8. Gates of Ivory
9. Starving to Be Empty
10. Crash and Burn