Cut Yourself In Half - Mekkanism

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Super Deluxe 300 limited 180g vinyl blood-splatter vinyl gatefold sleeve + Download

Debut album by Bradford 4 piece energised, riff packed, stoner rockers. With the domestic underground rock scene beginning to break through with the likes of Pulled Apart by Horses, TurboWolf, Hawk Eyes, New Heavy Sounds follows the album success of Black Moth with this ferocious debut statement. A hellish amalgam of the hook laden rolling stoner grooves of QOTSA and Red Fang, mashed with a mighty thump of Mastodon'esque heaviness and hard rock, all put through a psychedelic mangle.

The music is huge, with thunderous riffs followed by thunderous rhythm changes and grooves that take in hardcore, doom and acid-rock, all executed with top class playing. Produced to intensity by Dave Sanderson (Black Moth engineer) it is an exhausting listen.

Genre: Stoner Rock / Alt Rock

1. Little Misadventure
2. The Song Remains Unnamed
3. The End
4. Say Goodbye To The World
5. Comatosed
6. Viracocha
7. You Carry The Curse
8. Do It Or Die
9. Spider Legs
10. LGRD