Cut Hands - Sixteen Ways Out

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Originally premiered in its earliest state at Tate Britain by William Bennett and Mary DeBlois in 2010, the SIXTEEN WAYS OUT magnum opus reflects over a decade’s work of compositional refinement and elaborate studio expansion, and is the first Cut Hands release since 2014’s highly-acclaimed FESTIVAL OF THE DEAD on the Blackest Ever Black label.

The end result is a mystical showcase of musical esoterica, its seventeen tracks fusing the most arcane elements of subliminal extralinguistics, avant-garde transformational hypnosis, and dark self-help secrets.

Genre: Avantgarde / Ambient / Experimental

1. inka
2. mamba muntu
3. witness the birth of a dream
4. grasp reflex
5. navillera
6. witness the spread of the dream
7. immanence
8. curl up and die
9. river mumma
10. anima sola
11. snool
12. the mechanical horse
13. interfusion imperfect
14. seal water
15. silent illumination
16. nzyoko
17. secret of elegua