Celtic Frost - Into The Pandemonium

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2 x Gold Vinyl

Released in 1987, only now can people understand just how far ahead of its time this album was, this is widely considered on of the first avantgarde metal releases. Not only did it have maniacal rhythms, but introduced electronica into extreme metal. On every level, it was a remarkable record, full of visionary ideas and ideals. This release includes alternate versions of tracks from the album and a cover of Dean Martin! The concept and art direction of the release was done by the man behind Celtic Frost, Tom G. Warrior. Both the LP and CD versions include new sleeve notes and extensive booklets.

Genre: Extreme Metal /  Heavy Metal / Death Metal


1. Mexican Radio
2. Mesmerized
3. Inner Sanctum
4. Tristesses De La Lune
5. Babylon Fell (Jade Serpent)
6. Caress Into Oblivion
7. One In Their Pride (Porthole Mix)
8. I Won't Dance (The Elder's Orient)
9. Sorrows Of The Moon
10. Rex Irae (Requiem)
11. Oriental Masquerade
12. One In Their Pride (Extended Mix)