C-Clamp - Dream Backwards

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3 x Ocean Pacific Splatter Vinyl housed in Boxset

Percolating in the same watery diner coffee that spawned American Football and Hum, C-Clamp shrugged on and off the ’90s slowcore and emo scenes in a hurry. Compiled here are the band’s two albums for the venerable Ohio Gold label - Longer Waves and Meander + Return, plus a third LP of singles and compilation tracks, and a meticulously annotated book stuffed with lyrics, photos, flyers, and ephemera from their all-too-brief existence. This one’s colder than a Chicago winter - better plug in that space heater!

Genre: Slowcore / Alt Indie


1. Passing
2. Ten Degrees Arc
3. Bats
4. A Stand Still
5. Glass Walls
6. Morning
7. Fox and the Hound
8. In Glory, In Wire
9. Daylight Savings
10. Meridian
11. Land Meets Sea
12. In Tow
13. Deep Green
14. Minnesota
15. Taste of Metal
16. Heavy Light
17. Cah
18. Rinse
19. Soft
20. Ocean Pacifc
21. Saving Daylight
22. Shorty
23. Bats (All Saints Remix)
24. Passing (7” Version)