Around The World in 80 Days - Original OST

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The soundtrack to Around The World in 80 Days by Hans Zimmer and Christian Lundberg.

Hans Zimmer began working on the main title theme for Around The World In 80 Days with Bleeding Fingers composer Christian Lundberg, and it was then decided that Christian would go on to score the series with Hans and Russell as score producers.

Simon Crawford Collins, Executive Producer, explained, “When Russell sent over Hans’ initial ideas incorporating the striking of Big Ben, we knew we had something really special and perfect for the tone of 80 Days. Music is an absolute passion of mine and working with Hans and the team has been a career highlight and a huge privilege, not to mention a brilliant and collaborative process. What Hans, Russell and Christian have achieved truly lifts the show to another level again.”

Genre: Classical / Neo Classical / Soundtrack


1. Around the World in 80 Days Theme – Hans Zimmer & Christian Lundberg 
2. Estella’s Theme 
3. Precipice 
4. Let the Adventure Begin 
5. The Joy Is Mine the Pain Is Mine 
6. It’s Your Choice Miss Fix 
7. Riding Into Town 
8. Three O’Clock to Brindisi 
9. He Has Killed a Man 
10. When You Gotta Go You Gotta Go 
11. A Train to Catch 
12. Headed for Battle Mountain 
13. At Least She Is Safe 
14. Unexpected Love 
15. Goodbye to Digby 
16. Crossing the Bridge 
17. An Intimate Dance 
18. Last Chance Waltz 

19. What Sort of Life Would We Have Had Together (Pt. 1) 
20. What Sort of Life Would We Have Had Together (Pt. 2) 
21. Around the World in 80 Days End Credits