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2 x Black / Red Vinyl

Welsh maverick Ren releases new album Sick Boi. The songwriter pulls from multiple genres, while obeying his own distinct truth. A run of excellent releases – ‘Suic*de’, ‘Animal Flow’, ‘Illest Of Our Time’ and his latest single ‘Murderer’ – have found Ren speaking eloquently to fans in a language they can understand, peer-to-peer communication that crosses different sounds. Self-produced, his ambitious new album Sick Boi was a huge undertaking – 18 tracks that push Ren to the limit as a songwriter, and studio figure.

"Sick Boi was me challenging myself to create a hiphop only album, the album title based on my struggles with health over the past decade. I wanted to create an album that pushed my beat making and flow ability.”

Genre: Hip Hop / Art Pop


1. Seven Sins
2. Sick Boi
3. Animal Flow
4. Money Game, Pt.3
5. Lost All Faith
6. Genesis
7. Murderer
8. Suic*de
9. Illest Of Our Time
10. Love Music, Pt. 4
11. Uninvited
12. What You Want
13. The Hunger
14. Down On The Beat
15. Masochist
16. Loco
17. Wicked Ways
18. Sick Boi Pt. 2