Brutus - Unison Life Ltd Anniversary Edition

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12" Colour Vinyl + 7" (Deluxe Anniversary Edition) New design hand-numbered deluxe sleeve / booklet / new limited double-sided insert / limited 'Love Won't Hide The Ugliness' Trans Red 7" Vinyl (in screenprinted sleeve).

When times are tough, or you’re feeling worn down, you start longing for a life of total peace. A life where there are no fights, arguments or lies; where there is no such thing as disappointment and your actions have no consequences. Some might call it a “fantasy world”. Genre-jumping Belgian trio Brutus call it the “Unison Life” – a phrase that titles their third studio album. Unison Life is about all the stuff that wears you down in the first place. It’s the ugliness, the pain, and the acts of bravery that get you through it all. Beginning with a portrait of contentment and unravelling from there, the album goes into battle and asks what really counts. In their own words: “Is this Unison Life a hoax? Or a quest?”

Genre: Alt Metal 


1. Miles Away
2. Brave
3. Victoria
4. What Have We Done
5. Dust
6. Liar
7. Chainlife
8. Storm
9. Dreamlife
10. Desert Rain