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Aircooled, is a new local band from Justin Welch, Oliver Cherer, Katharine Wallinger and friends, who step into the ring, with their four-track debut album "St. Leopards". And if you've heard the canon - from Neu! to Spacemen 3 to Electrelane and beyond - then you'll know broadly what to expect. Sixteen minute opener leads us off with reliably propulsive fill-lavished 4/4 drums, rising synths and the kind of twisted psychedelic guitars that'll have you conversing in rudimentary German within moments. The album's other long-form cut 'Offenhausen 360' is a good example of this, harnessing a powerful funk bassline and splitting into trippy analog synth noodling in the third act. But the record gets really interesting when the krautrock influences are pushed to one side: 'Supamotodisco' is a sweltering Italo disco belter that shouldn't be overlooked.

Genre: Krautrock / Kosmische Musik


1. Aircooled 
2. Tommy's Strut 
3. Offenhausen 360 
4. Supamotodisco