Sonic Universe - It Is What It Is

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Format: Vinyl

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Corey Glover, lead singer for Living Colour – the original “funk metal pioneers” (Rolling Stone) – teams up with guitarist Mike Orlando (Adrenaline Mob – whose evolving line-up has included Mike Portnoy and A,J. Pero) for an interstellar voyage to discover new dimensions of sound on Sonic Universe’s debut album It Is What It Is. Joined by Taykwuan Jackson (Sworn Enemy) on drums and bassist Booker King (who has provided the groove for greats including Santana), the group form a new constellation of experiences and influences that straddle galaxies and time itself. While Living Colour has been in the spotlight as of late (touring internationally with Extreme), Adrenaline Mob came to an end following a tragic accident on tour. The Grammy-winning Glover united with Orlando to create something fresh and new, but unmistakably them. The album was produced and recorded by Mike and Corey at Mike’s Sonic Stomp Studios on Staten Island, New York City. The title (and opening track) It Is What It Is launches with a pummeling drum beat, driving bass lead and rockets through some guitar dynamics, almost Who-ish backing vocals and then straight into Corey’s unmistakable, thrilling lead vocal.

Genre: Groove Metal / Funk Metal