Urne - A Feast On Sorrow

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Color: Black & Clear Splatter



Variants: 2 x Blue & Black Swirl Vinyl
                   2 x Black & Clear Splatter Vinyl

There are times in life when it feels like darkness will consume the light. Suffering. Loss. The emptiness that follows. At a distance, we can steel ourselves against the grim inevitabilities of disease, dementia and deterioration in old age, but when more intimately faced with their impact, it becomes easy to imagine some hidden demon gorging on the misery wrought. From such pain was birthed Urne’s savage second album, ‘A Feast On Sorrow'.Alongside mercurial guitarist Angus Neyra and newly recruited master drummer James Cook, the mission was to create something definitive. Unexpectedly, they’d be assisted in that by Gojira frontman Joe Duplantier - already a vocal fan of the band - who invited the Londoners to record at his Silver Cord studio in Brooklyn, New York and came onboard to produce.

Genre: Metal


  1. The Flood Came Rushing In
  2. To Die Twice
  3. A Stumble Of Words
  4. The Burden
  5. Becoming The Ocean
  6. A Feast On Sorrow
  7. Peace
  8. The Long Goodbye/Where Do We Go When We Die?